The project laboratory aims at developing mechanisms (collection, maintenance, display, publication and dissemination) and practices (curatorship, criticism, cultural mediation etc.) to promote art production. It is also oriented towards developing an institutional sphere of art, as well as a market in Armenia. The laboratory also serves as a platform between curator training and practices. On the one hand it opens new prospects for the institute alumni; on the other hand necessary expertise is accumulated for the curator training to correspond to the changing demands of the field. Both simple, different projects of art publicity and outreach (exhibitions, publishing, seminar, etc.) and complicated, complex projects of development of regional, territorial and segmental art economy (museum economy, galleries and art centers, art market and private sector, governing bodies and legislative environment) are designed and implemented in the laboratory. The useful ideas for the development are collected inside the Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as in the public environment from the emerging proposals. It is intended to design a contest of curatorial projects once a year to support the implementation of the chosen project. The laboratory also provides services which include consulting and organization as well as the formation of the project form of the client's idea; if necessary it includes the implementation too.