We offer a welcome dinner with presentation, study/studio visits and extensive networking with local art scene and the experts in specific cultural and/or research fields of the resident, a final showcase of resident’s research/project results (the format is open and upon the resident’s choice – from small presentation to exposition. Large-scale projects demanding wider production are to be discussed in advance). Residency also offers a project design and several spaces for showcase, a library with basic facilities and a small garden with a hen-house. While in its development stage the physical domain of the center is itself part of the �problematic’ framework and context where the artist/researcher is offered to operate. Expectations The resident is expected to share the results of one’s observations. The decision on format (presentation, exhibition, performance, screening, demonstration, manifesto, dinner, etc) is up to the resident. Also an optional contribution for the [NɛST] Reader, a publication with selected texts from long or short-term residents as well as colleagues and partners is greatly appreciated. We will further inform about the terms and conditions of the publishing upon the development of the project. Disciplines and media Emphasizing the research-based approach and aim at the development and presentation of performative practices the residency is at the same time open for application of any media the resident finds appropriate for the project needs. Duration: From blitz visits to long-term stay (up to 6 months) Number of residents at one time: Maximum 4 Companions allowed: Partners Children Financing Unfortunately for now [NɛST] can’t provide grants. Therefore the resident will have to pay fee for his stay which will cover accommodation and commodities. At the same time we offer active assistance and participation in fundraising both for residency fee and the travel grants. Also, we can offer special discounts for collectives and artists from Armenia and neighboring region in order to support and promote local networking and cultural exchanges in the country.