7-th Summer Seminars 2013

The Institutional and Ideological Operation of Transnational Art Events


A 10:00-11:30 Daily Public Lecture [Khnko Aper Library, Teryan street 42/1] Coffee break 20 min B 12.00-14.00 Workshop Module 1 – Marina Grzinic [AJZ Space, between Sayat Nova 9 and 11] Workshop Module 2 – Adham Hafez [Akanat Gallery, Koghbatsi 28] 14.00-15.30 Lunch [ 'Afrikyanneri pandok’ restaurant, Pushkin str. 1] 16.00-18.00 Field trips [See the list of recommendations] C 19.00-21.00 Seminars [ ICA, 8 Shara Talyan, Aygestan]




Mon Aug 12

Angela Harutyunyan Before and After the Event there was the Artwork

Tue Aug 13

Adham Hafez Burn After Hearing

Wed Aug 14

Julian Vigo Curating the Garden, Performing Politics: Le Petit Versailles, New York City

Thu Aug 15

Nuit Banai Performative Geographies: When Art and Politics Collide in Zones of Conflict

Fri Aug 16

Marina Grzinic Curating as activity for a political transformation