Grupa Predmetiv

Ivan Melnychuk was born 1982 in Lutsk, Ukraine, currently lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. Architect, artist, member of Melnychuk-Burlaka group, Grupa predmetiv group, Art Workers’ Self-defense Initiative. He specializes in documenting and studying of urban transformations.

Oleksandr Burlaka was born 1982 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he currently lives and works. He graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in 2005 as a Master of architecture. Architect and artist; member of Grupa predmetiv group, Melnychuk-Burlaka group, interdisciplinary curatorial association Hudrada.

Giorgia Nardin

is an independent choreographer and performer. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (UK) and graduated in 2010.


Her first project as a makers happens in collaboration with artists Francesca Foscarini and Marco D'Agostin. The trio meets at the Accademia Mobile by Emio Greco, held during OperaEstate Festival Veneto 2010, and together they create Spic&Span, piece winner of the special mention in Premio Scenario 2011. Since 2012 she collaborates as a performer with Barokthegreat in the works Indigenous and Attacco del Clone. Her first solo Dolly, it's finalist at the GD'A Prize 2012, receives the special from DNA/Romaeuropa Festival, is selected by the national Rete Anticorpi XL, presented at the Vetrina La Giovane Danza D'autore and invited to the Italian showcase as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.


Giorgia is selected to take part in numerous European dance projects, some of which are ChoreoRoam Europe 2012, B Project 2013 and Performing Gender 2013.


All dressed up with nowhere to go is her first piece for two performers.

Valeria Castellaneta

Perennial, deciduous and evergreen, Valeria is a cosmopolitan plant originally from Europe. Her natural habitat is the garden and she loves waking up in the middle of winter, even though her best projects require exposure to the sun or partially shaded locations to grow. She favours fertile grounds where to plant her ideas, which she often finds through her travels. In order for her little plants/ideas to bloom, she looks for the right peace and timing to grow with them.


Valeria is a cultural worker. She graduated in Arts and Entertainment Techniques in Venice, with a thesis on ARTA in Paris. She is an experienced and professional organiser of performing arts events, holding a post-grad MA from the Paolo Grassi Accademy in Milan. Since 2004 she has been working for the distribution of the Corte Sconta Dance company and has co-organised the first edition of the Festival of performing arts Opplà at the Teatro Out Off Milan. From 2007 until 2013, she was a producer for TPO (Teatro Fabbrichino – Prato) company and she looked after production, international distribution, media and tour management. Since 2013, she has been in charge of overseas promotion and support of emerging artists for international site-specific projects. In this role, she has worked with a number of artist, including Nicola Galli, Giorgia Nardin and Marta Cuscunà. After a short collaboration with Canal Danse Training Center for dancers in Paris, in 2013 Valeria returned to her hometown to co-fund and grow the PlanTS project (


Katharina Stadler

is a sound thinker who works interdisciplinarily and above all with different media. Her work is process-based and connects to questions of memory, absence, identity, gender discourse, neo-colonialism and education. She diffuses artificially constructed borders of time, thinking and consciousness, mostly through the exploration of memory as an essential constant of the quotidian. Born in Vienna, trained in Berlin and Reykjavík Katharina lives now in Tbilisi, Georgia where she is educational programs curator at the CCA – Center of Contemporary Art and teaches sound art.