The Curatorial Theory Lab's mission is to re-establish the links between curatorial practices, methods and theories that have been severed in the contemporary art world of fast production of exhibitions and curated cultural projects. The Lab strives to become a testing ground for various theoretical endeavors, their practical applications and methodological implications. It aims to internationalize the local curatorial practices and their reflections in the larger cultural field as well as localize international curatorial endeavors. Here pre-existing theories are not automatically and uncritically applied onto existing local situation, but tested, questioned, if necessary, transgressed. More importantly, the Theory Lab aims to produce theories that are locally specific and contextually driven. We look at theory as a constituent and inseparable part of curatorial practice, but also consider theoretical endeavors as practical undertakings. We take into consideration the experience of the Summer Seminars for Art Curators, an annual bi-weekly program, taking place in Yerevan since 2006, which has operated in the intersection between curatorial practice, theory and education. Particularly, the Lab aims to extend the Summer Seminars' international reach and profile into the domain of publishing as well as workshops organized both in Armenia and abroad. The Lab's operation is organically linked to the Critical and Curatorial Studies informal educational project. The Lab will contribute to curriculum development and course offerings, and act as a platform for its students and alumni to engage in theoretical and methodological aspects of curatorial work through writing. The Theory Lab mainly operates through its publication series – edited volumes entitled Curatorial Experiences (both in Armenian and English) – on various aspects of curating. The publications encourage local and international artists, curators, critics, art historians and theorists to reflect upon the curatorial practice as a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary undertaking within the expanded context of contemporary art production.