Recalibrating the Compass of Exile/LIVE CONCERT-Sasha Yashin; Andrei Ivanov; Evan Keen & friends

The words "Relocation" and "Russian migration" are new in the Armenian dictionary. However, these phenomena have entered our reality with cosmic speed, forcing us to relate to them.
How do migrant artists create? How do they survive and integrate?
ARé Cultural Foundation ( ) invites you to investigate this through its project «Recalibrating the Compass of Exile», which will consist of three parts:
- A live concert;
- A cyber-art exhibition;
- A round-table discussion with the artists in exile.
We start with a live concert, where musicians Sasha Yashin (trumpet, keyboard), Andrei Ivanov (bass), Evan Keen (drums) and their friends will present their original works at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan.
Day: October 30, Sunday
Venue: Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan
Address: 47, Str. Avet Avetisyan
Time: 18:00
On the same day, a co-working space is opened at the Institute for Contemporary Art.
The project is being implemented with the support of the Goethe Institute
Thanks to the Institute for Contemporary Art for cooperation
Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Armenia has seen a significant inflow of Russians into the country. They are seeking a safe haven from the Russian government’s new laws.
Several “migrant crises” have revealed the importance of spaces where newcomers could engage as participants rather than subjects of public debate. Migrants are frequently portrayed as one-dimensional characters, as “others” on a simplistic binary of perpetrators and victims.
“We are not in exile; we are here to share a message. The pacifistic message, of course”, - says one of the artists. “We didn’t lack funding or environment. We lacked freedom. Today, any person of art in Russia finds himself in opposition to the authorities as freedom is the blood of art”.
However, alongside the migration issues, there are problems with the artists' ability to preserve their cultural identity in the conditions of separation from the metropolis, reflection and practical conclusions regarding current discourses about the transformations of the world.
ARé Cultural Foundation ( ) became a reception point institution for the artists in exile to secure opportunities for the work and artistic expression of cultural professionals fleeing the war. This project aims to change current narratives in an inclusive and empowering manner, providing a space of self-representation for migrant artists. We try to create an ark where one can safely express their creative thoughts, as long as they do not bring enmity and destruction towards others.