Educational and research activities are implemented through four workshops, each of which covers a specific field of study: a) research-based art practices; b) performance practices specific to the collection, conservation, display and interpretation of works of art; c) cultural and visual studies of images; d) studies of the social context of art. In the first phase (one academic year), the head of the workshop organizes seminars for the students, discussing the current state of the research he is conducting, and also assists the students in choosing research topics. Students have the opportunity to attend optional courses, such as modern philosophy and research methodology, etc. The students who managed to select a research topic during their first year can carry on to the second phase of the program (two academic years). If their topics correspond to the study scope of the workshop, they can continue their research in the same workshop, otherwise they can change workshops. Students regularly report on the progress of their research through seminars implemented with the help of the supervisor. Graduation works are published in a format relevant to their content – book, exhibition, film, etc. Along with the research work, students are involved in the activities of the Institute, such as the projects and research laboratories, the activities organized in the library, the exhibition hall and/or other departments. The fee for the first phase of the educational program is AMD 200,000. In the second phase, the Institute provides a scholarship to the students. It is desirable for the applicant to have a Master's Degree and to master the English language. In the CV of the applicant, references to previous work experiences are mandatory. Applications are open until September 15
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