School of Advanced Studies in Art and Sciences of Art (SASASA)

ICA announces admissions to the School of Advanced Studies in Art and Sciences of Art (SASASA), a new educational extension of ICA, which implements a three-year (1+2) educational research program. Along with artistic and related disciplines, the curriculum includes research approaches from humanities and social sciences. As a practice of interdisciplinary dialogue, the curriculum does not include separate lectures or courses aimed at relaying existing knowledge. Students will participate in seminars, get acquainted with research methods, and acquire skills, while specializing in emerging knowledge. 

Educational and research activities are implemented through four workshops, each of which covers a specific field of study; a) research-based art practices, b) performance practices, c) cultural and visual studies of the image, d) studies of the social context of art.

Applications are open until September 15. 

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About the workshops.

Research-based art  

(Head of the workshop: Ruben Arevshatyan) 

This workshop is designed for artists interested in research-based art practices. As a contemporary art practice, research-based art has emerged within the realm  of conceptual art development. Institutional by nature, research-based art is performative from an operational point of view, meaning that being authentic and emotionally convincing is also essential for the research artist. Therefore, along with the ability to research, the student will also acquire the skills to present his research expressively. 

Study of performance practices

(Head of the workshop: Nazareth Karoyan) 

This workshop explores various performance practices (curation, criticism, collecting, archiving, etc.) that ensure public circulation of artworks. Drawing on general theories emerging in the field of humanities (linguistics, gender studies, economics, management, programming, etc.) and considering the transformations taking place in the field of human activities, the workshop focuses on the supremacy of performative practices and their consequences. In addition to having the necessary knowledge to study performance practices, the student must be proficient in any of them upon completion of the studio.

Visual studies 

(Head of the workshop: Hrach Bayadyan)

The scope of this workshop includes the study of contemporary visual culture, images characteristic of the visual arts, and related theories, methods of description and analysis (for instance, critique of ideology, discourse analysis, etc).  Studying in the visual studies workshop implies such preliminary knowledge, abilities and skills, the further development of which will allow students to make a critical interpretation of texts produced in a wide variety of media, from fine arts to photography and film, from advertising and fashion designs to various products of social networks.

Social studies of art 

(Head of the workshop: Hrachya Kajoyan)

The scope of this workshop focuses on the human, spiritual and social dimensions of art. Perfect works of art are sometimes so contagious that they find massive social circulation.  Participants of the workshop will be introduced to research approaches to the public demand and impact of art, and in addition to interdisciplinary analysis between anthropology, psychology, and sociology, will be able to perform the contextual analysis necessary to develop an individual project.