From Thread to Fabric: Material Transformation

The ICA Gallery will be participating at the Katapult Pavilion, a creative industries expo
taking place at HayArt Cultural Centre from March 31th to April 30th 2023. ICA’s project,
entitled “From Thread to Fabric: Material Transformation”, presents the artworks of four
Armenian artists: Araks Sahakyan, Armine Atoyan, Mary Badalian and Aleksey Manukyan.
Curated by Lilit Grigoryan and supervised by Nazaret Karoyan The exhibition explores the
relationship between contemporary art and traditional techniques, such as needlework and
carpet waving. Each artist expresses the concept of thread through different means – from line
drawing on paper to metal wires constructions, from mixed media painting to embroidery and
carpets. On his way to becoming a fabric, the thread follows a path of cooperation, where a
multitude of different threads – each unique in essence, but inseparable from the whole –
come together to wave a new narrative. Hence, the exhibition artworks manifest the ability of
the artists to be part of a community – a "Collective Genius" that shares common ideas,
materials, skills, and tradition.