INTERCONNECTION: Open Call for Curators and Artists


The Institute for Contemporary Art announces an open call
targeting artists and curators for them to develop an exhibition
project and implement it in one of the museums of Armenia.
The aim of the project is to promote the expansion of connections
between museums, contemporary artists and curators, and the
creation of new collaborations. As a result of the project, artists
will get the opportunity to exhibit in a museum environment and
museums will be able to host a contemporary art exhibition.
Applications are open to creative groups with 3 or more curator
artists or a group consisting of 3 or more artists, where one of the
artists (or all together) will also take on the function of curator.
In order to apply, it is necessary to fill out the application before
July 1 st , attaching the following materials:

1. Curator and participating artists’ CVs and portfolios in 1 PDF
file not exceeding 100MB;
2. Detailed description of the proposed project (text description,
sketches, photos and other materials);
3. Budget breakdown (you muse use this template).


Within the framework of this project, ICA obtained a preliminary
cooperation agreement with these two museums:

1. Hovhannes Sharambeyan Museum of Folk Arts
2. Yeghishe Charents House-Museum
You can see the floor plans and photos of the temporary
exhibition halls of these museums here.
The call does not limit cooperation with other museums.
Applicants can independently make arrangements with other
Yerevan museums and apply for the program by submitting a
letter documenting the written agreement with the partner


The selection committee will include members of the staff and
board of trustees, representatives of participating museums and
invited experts.
The selection criteria are: the content of the proposed project, its
feasibility, the potential to identify new trends.


Maximum project budget: 6,500,000 AMD (includes taxes,
royalties, production cost, transportation cost, printing cost, if
necessary, space rental and other costs).
An important prerequisite in the budget distribution is the
payment of the royalty to the participating artists, at least 40% of
the budget.

Project schedule

Open call: June 1 st - July 1 st
Review and selection of applications: July 1 st - July 15 th
Work on projects: July - October, 2024
Exhibition opening: October/November 2024

Duration of the exhibition: at least 1 month (the duration can be
longer, according to the agreement with the museum)
For more information, please call 093 33 72 11 or write to
[email protected].