Show me your archive and I can tell you who you are… Can I?


Workshop & Discussion by Roos Wijnen

June 27th & 29th at 7pm

ICA is glad to invite you to a two-day event dedicated to the creative reuse of archives. The event will be led by Roos Wijnen, an Amsterdam-based curator, artist and advisor specialized in working with emerging artists to help them in their conceptual phase and commissioned work. She worked many years as a curator of public programmes for the Van Gogh Museum, and is now working as an advisor for the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. She is currently developing a new art project, further exploring silentness in a soundscape.

Since the number of participants is limited, please register beforehand here

Both events will be held in English.

Workshop: Methods of creative reuse

June 27th at 7pm

In this workshop we will discuss and learn more about institutional archiving, by reflecting on one’s own archive and see how it can help you in your artistic process. For this workshop you need to bring two images from your own private archive; one image that inspires you personally but is not directly connected to your artistic practices, and one image that has been (re)used in your own work. With short presentations of Armenian artists and small assignments we will reflect on each other's personal archive, artistic research and the different methods of reuse.

Conversation: The ethics of creative reuse

June 29th at 7pm

During this discussion we will reflect on opening archives and whether creative reuse is the way to provide greater access to information and enables us to reinterpret history. We will discuss the current state of institutional archives relative to artistic practice in Yerevan. This conversation would be insightful for artists but also academics that’re interested in how artistic research can influence the work method of institutional archives.

About Roos Wijnen

Roos Wijnen is a curator, filmmaker, and advisor from the Netherlands. She navigates between cultural heritage and contemporary art, creating a multifaceted portfolio of personal work, commissioned programs and research. Always keeping a keen eye on emerging artists, learning and understanding how institutional collections are formed and working on new ways of storytelling and rewriting history by combining those two worlds. Aiming for more understanding of predominant institutional standards and questioning the social norm.